Self Ticketing Systems

You have a car park. People park everywhere. Valued customers can’t find a space. Enforce it gently, with our Self Ticketing Systems.

With our Self-Ticketing Systems, you issue the Parking Charge Notice, provide us with the details and we process the PCN.

Any private company or individual who experience parking problems will benefit from this professional service. From just 1 space to 100s, our service and tailor made packages can benefit all.

What do we provide?

  • Site assessment.
  • A training package adapted to each locations needs.
  • British Parking Association code of practise and Approved Operator Policy.
  • BPA approved signage.
  • Parking permits
  • Parking Charge Notices and PCN wallets.
  • ID badge.
  • Internet PCN processing system.
  • Internet and phone PCN payment system.
  • Office hours support line.
  • Appeals system.

We are committed members of the British Parking Association and follow their Code of Practice, in consultation with the DVLA. CPS Enforcement Northern are also registered with the BPA Approved Operators Scheme.