Become An Agent

Agents are issued with a site or area where CPS Enforcement (Northern) Ltd are contracted to patrol or man parking areas. It is the responsibility of agents to visit these sites in accordance with that contract.

Agents are also encouraged to seek new opportunities with land owners in their areas to increase their own potential revenue streams. Agents will be supported by CPS’s administration team at all stages of this process.

Agents are paid a fixed fee for each paid PCN issued by that agent.

Agents are provided with:

  • Full training in accordance with BPA guidelines and policies.
  • Continual professional development.
  • ID Card
  • Hi-Viz uniform vest.
  • PCN and wallets.
  • Internet based ticket upload.
  • Telephone support.

Agents will need to possess a smart phone/digital camera and internet access.

If you are interested in becoming a CPS Enforcement Agent, please submit your details below.

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